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Welcome To Osheen Electronics
High growth of global LED lighting market is driven by increasing adoption of smart lighting systems, rising demand for power-efficient lighting across industries, increasing concern over the depletion of non-renewable sources of power, and the declining price of LED lights.
Increasing government support for the production and sale of LEDs, declining prices of LED lights and lighting fixtures, and increasing demand for LEDs from the residential sector are some of the significant factors, boosting the demand for LED production. Future Choice Group takes initiative in catering to the rising demand in India.
We are one of the premier and pioneer company, manufacturing LED based Lighting systems located in Raipur Chhattisgarh and provide green technology lighting solutions for industrial, commercial and designer lighting applications.
We have been researching on application of LEDs for last few years, where we used the early forms of this technology for indication and panel lighting in safety and precision instruments.
Our supreme team of in-house application engineers, electronics engineers, lighting designers, skilled technical people, public relation executives and sales staff work diligently everyday to cater to the customers illumination...
What are LEDs?
An LED is a light emitting diode. Its light is produced by an electrical current passing through a semi conductive material, so it does not require a filament like an incandescent bulb. LEDs have advanced at remarkable rates to enable an entirely new category of lighting that will bring sense and simplicity to our everyday lighting. LED lighting is highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly and inherently controllable - enabling both new and traditional applications of light. Already LED based solutions illuminate famous buildings, bridges, retail shops, television studios, theatre stages, hotels, casinos, hospitals, restaurants and celebrity-filled night clubs around the world.
How do LEDs work?
LEDs produce light in a very unique way; they produce light via a process called electro-luminescence, a rather complex process that starts by turning a semi conductor material into a conducting material. A semiconductor with extra electrons is called N-type (negative) material, since it has extra negatively-charged electrons. In N-type material, free electrons can move from a negatively-charged area to a positively charged area. A semiconductor with extra holes is called P-type (positive) material since it has extra positively-charged gaps called holes. When excited with current the negative electron leaves its atom and the P-type material's positive attraction draws the free negative electron into its hole, and the hole also moves toward the electron, so on and so forth. As an electron travels to a hole, it carries energy, but in order to fit into the hole it must release any extra energy, and when it does, the extra energy is released in the form of light. When we maintain a steady flow of electrical current to the diode, it continues the process of allowing electrons to flow from the negative charged material and fall into the positive charged holes which maintains a steady stream of light out of the LED.
What's so different?
LEDs consume less electric power. An LED bulb utilizes around 10 watts of energy that is confirmed to be 10 times less energy consuming than an incandescent bulb, which utilizes up to 100 watts of electricity. The lengthy hours of usage and energysaving functions of LEDs will definitely support you to save more when compared with continually buying other inexpensive light bulbs that have shorter life span and have no energy-saving functions. Durability is another feature of LED lighting. They don't have glass tubes that may break and trigger injury. They are made of materials that do not generate toxic chemicals like that of incandescent and also fluorescent bulbs. Lastly, LED lights generate pure light which has no flicker and causes no glare.

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Smart home System

Our smart home solutions offers you ultimate automation solution by making products and systems that's make your day to day work easy and convenient.

Lighting Control Systems

Our Lighting control solution offers you simple and convenient system to control any light in your home or business from a single control panel or Custom remote.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation deals primarily with the automation of manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes.

Smart Tracking Solutions

Our smart tracking solution offers full cellular (GSM/ CDMA/ HSDPA) and location (GPS/ GLONASS) that allows real time tracking VIA Web.

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